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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Cute pic update!

THIS is the face I see when Molly wants something!

Could *you* say no?

We were having a snack in the park after going to the market

A fab art deco wall at the museum!

Trees by Mol's school on a misty morning

Eating a cupcake in the park

Another fab wall, near gramma's house.

A very dutch pic!


Blogger Manon Keir said...

Your daughter and mine look very similar.. they could be sisters.. and
You've been tagged
For more info check out my blog

Thursday, 26 April, 2007  
Blogger Tara in AZ said...

Hey M! I haven't talked to you in 8 hours....I think I'm having withdrawls! What are your plans this weekend, anything fun? A and I are hanging out at the house, much cleaning to be done before the inlaws come back. I'm planning a Hawaiian theme party for the middle of next month. I'll pick up some extra little things for Molly!!! It's really just an excure to take new photos!!! Hope you are feeling well today!
xoxo ~ Tara

Thursday, 26 April, 2007  

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